Tic Tac Toe Free – the game offers a host of exciting features, including Great graphics and sound effects

Review: Tic Tac Toe is a Game offered free for download and playing. The Game is one from the category of best games every for the Android phones and tablets. It is normal appearing Game, but with great enjoyment, fun, etc. The Game requires good concentration of the Player. It is the Game of all time and best selling mobile Game. The players enjoy in this Game, what they are expecting in the games. The Game allows one player and two player game play supports so that one can play against another real player. Even two Android devices can join playing two players game of Tic Tac Toe Fee. In the Game of One Player, in which one can play against computer device, there are three difficult levels. In the Game, one can feel exciting and great graphics along with the best sound effects. Even the player playing for you, can be named with configurable naming technology. Moreover, it offers the undo function. Even on receipt of any phone calls or exit of application, the Game play get automatic saved. So, it is best game ever for enjoyment and having great fun.

Offered By – Optime Software
Requires Android  1.5 and up
Developer Support Email – support@optimesoftware.com

This app has access to :

  • Photos / Media / Files-modify or delete the contents of your USB storage,read the contents of your USB storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information-view Wi-Fi connections
  • Device ID & call information-read phone status and identity
  • Other-full network access,view network connections

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Snakes & Ladders King – A Board Game by Mobirix.

Review: The Snakes and Ladders King is the mobile app game developed by Mobirix. The game consists of a Dice, ladder with which the player can climb steps, snakes that makes the player step down and can be played by following three rules. The player who first explores the 100 steps after all the hurdles wins the game. The player who reaches first at the last column numbered 100 gets the score. The dice game rules are followed in this simple board game. In the survival mode, more fun can be experienced with the enclosed area on classic board game. Artificial intelligence can be enjoyed with the computer mode available in the app. The game includes multi player options where the game can be finished with other person by online play. Nearly 4 persons can play the game in offline mode and enjoy the fun. The app is supported in the tablet devices also. The game is very interesting with many ups and downs on the way. These hurdles depends on luck of the player.

Offered By – Mobirix.
Requires Android  2.3 and up
Developer Support Email – help@mobirix.com

This app has access to:

  • Identity- find accounts on the device
  • Wi-Fi connection information- view Wi-Fi connections
  • Other- full network access, view network connections, connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi, use accounts on the device

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