Farmer Sim 2015 – the latest farming simulator that will allow you to become a real farmer

Review: The is very lovable for Farmers and Agriculturists who love Farming. The newest Game play offers the Players to play as real farmer. It is a great conception to have such a lovely and business oriented Game in which, the player can enjoy farming and becomes a good Agriculturist. The cultivating crops is the basis of Agricultural career. And this is offered in this app Game. The player can enjoy plowing, sowing and harvesting. And in doing so, the player can use lots of different machineries. Not only this, the player can become reach by selling his harvest for money. And the proceeds of such sale can be used to purchase new Tractors and Combines. Similarly, the purchasing new Tractors and other vehicle and machineries can be played and enjoyed by Players. The Game also provides for easy tutorial so that there will no hurdles in enjoyment of players. Thus, now one can grow plants, purchase animals and feed them, and does all the things which a farmer is doing in this field. It is really awesome game.

Offered By – Ovidiu Pop
Requires Android  2.3 and up
Developer Support Email –

This app has access to :

  • In-app purchases
  • Photos / Media / Files-modify or delete the contents of your USB storage,read the contents of your USB storage
  • Other-full network access,view network connections,prevent device from sleeping

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Train Driver – Simulator – A Simulation Game by Polyester Games

Review: Train Driver- Simulator is an excellent game developed by Polyester Games. It is an exciting train simulator game that can be played by children and elders irrespective of age. The game is focused mainly by persons who love trains, steam engines, railroads, locomotives, etc. When the player drives the train in the railway track, the passengers will be waiting in the railway station. The trains in this game include freight trains, passenger trains and steam trains. The players get skilled to drive the trains in the correct way.  The game consists of steam as well as diesel trains, passengers waiting train, brill and original 3D graphics, different views of the train, train crashes etc. The player has to drive the train and pick up the passengers and drop them in the correct destination. The game is really interesting for the children who always love to have adventures. The elders can spent their time interestingly in this amusing game. The game will never bore you and really will have wonderful time in the world of trains.

Offered By – Polyester Games
Requires Android  3.2 and up
Developer Support Email –

This app has access to:

  • Photos/Media/Files- modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, read the contents of your USB storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information- view Wi-Fi connections
  • Device ID & call information- read phone status and identity
  • Other- full network access, view network connections, prevent device from sleeping