Real Hunter Simulator – welcomes you to slip into the forgotten forests of the hunters

Review:The Game REAL HUNTER SIMULATOR, is the Game about the amazing hunting. It is made available for those who loves hunting but they can’t due to their concerned problems. The Game is providing the player with the opportunity of slipping into the Forgotten forest of the hunters. The player will be appearing like a real Hunter. He need to prove his Tracking Skills. In the Game, a jungle scene will be filled of real wild animals and the player should be very fast and sharp n tracking them. In the Game, one experience the era of 1635, the great wave of American pioneers pushing west is imminent. Moreover, the Game provides for learning the handling of Sword, Bow and Arrows for defending the player and his people by himself. The Player need to hunt for his people. Thus, the mission will be greatly enjoyable and entertaining. However, there can be Lions, Tigers in the Jungle so, the player need to be careful, otherwise he will be hunted. Thus, the real players would not miss this opportunity of downloading this Game as it is real fun oriented, filled of enjoyment, entertainment and also it is available for Free.

Offered By – PT Game Studio
Requires Android 2.3 and up
Developer Support Email –

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  • In-app purchases
  • Device & app history-retrieve running apps
  • Identity-find accounts on the device
  • Contacts-read your contacts
  • Photos/Media/Files-modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, read the contents of your USB storage
  • Other-receive data from Internet, full network access, view network connections, prevent device from sleeping, Google Play license check, control vibration

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